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What is Diminished Value?

Diminished Value is the difference between the best price the owner could have gotten for the vehicle before the wreck and the best price the owner can get assuming – actually or hypothetically – that the vehicle is repaired as well as it can be repaired. When a vehicle gets wrecked, consumer demand goes down even if a repair shop does a great job fixing it. As demand goes down, so does the value of the asset.

Who do we work for?

We are truly independent expert appraisers. We have worked with both insurance companies and consumers as expert witnesses in resolving complex Diminished Value and Disputed Value Claims. With our passion for the auto industry, extensive knowledge of the vehicle market, and understanding of auto body repairs we can accurately assist in the assessment of a Diminished Value Claim.

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Does my vehicle qualify for Diminished Value?

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Diminished Value FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Diminished Value and why we are the preferred claim specialists in Washington

Who is John Walker?

An Independent Expert Witness Appraiser in the following disciplines: Diminished Value (DV), Market Value, Poor Quality Collision Repair issues, Damage assessment and Total Losses. We are not an attorney or public adjuster. We provide reliable expert opinions, not legal advice. We gladly work for the consumer or the insurance industry because we are truly independent.

Who do I collect from?

That depends on the circumstances. In most cases, you collect from the at fault party insurance company; or else through your own underinsured motorist coverage if applicable. Who must pay your claim is ultimately a legal question.

What will it cost?

We charge a flat fee for our services, from $450 to $850 depending on what you request (Note: Exotic vehicles are quoted on an individual basis). Our report includes an accurate and research-based appraisal of your vehicle’s post-repair value, footnoted photos if we conduct an in person inspection, a CARFAX report if needed, and pre-loss market value comparables.

How long does it take?

The average turnaround is 60-90 days after you hire us. We would prefer to inspect your vehicle before repairs.

Can't I get an online report cheaper and faster?

That’s true, but no insurance company will take you seriously. Shortcuts don’t pay off.

What factors affect my vehicle's diminished value?

The value of your vehicle, the nature of the damage, whether you own or lease it, whether it has suffered prior damage, and others. An accurate appraisal considers many complicated factors.

Do I need an attorney?

Only an attorney can tell you whether you need an attorney. Some people hire attorneys, and others don’t. The people who do tend to have better outcomes, and the professionals handle the headaches and the up-front costs. Most attorneys offer free telephone or in-person consultations.

Why do we come so highly recommended?

We are the only true independent Diminished Value appraisers in the region.

Does anyone recommend us?

Yes! Porsche – Audi – Mercedes Benz of Bellevue, Larsen Porsche – Audi, Lexus of Fife, Ferrari – Maserati of Seattle, University Audi – VW, Bellevue BMW, Rodland Toyota, Lamborghini – Bentley – Rolls Royce – Land Rover – Austin Martin of Bellevue, Defense and Plaintiff law firms, and other Independent Body Shops. Many are referred to us by satisfied friends, family, and coworkers.

Other Services?

Disputed Value: If your vehicle it totaled out and the insurance offer is inaccurate, you can hire me to do a full independent market analysis so you have an expert opinion when you negotiate your claim. I also value special interest vehicles to support stated – value insurance policies.


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